Debt Advice

If you are having money problems, the first thing to do is to ask for help!

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Having money worries is very stressful. Here are some general Dos & Don’ts from Community Money Advice that you may find helpful (although every situation is different.) We would always advise that you seek free help.


  • Do notify creditors of any problems or changes immediately.
  • Do give priority to those debts that may result in you losing your home, fuel supply or liberty.
  • Do respond to Court Summons immediately.
  • Do respond to letters promptly.
  • Do keep copies of all correspondence.


  • Don’t assume your debts will go away by ignoring them or if you have not heard from your creditors for some time.
  • Don’t be pressurised into making any decisions. If things upset you, take time to think and cool down first.
  • Don’t “rob Peter to pay Paul”.
  • Don’t make offers you can’t afford.
  • Don’t borrow more money to pay off your debts without taking independent advice. This can make matters worse.
  • Don’t lose hope. Even if it takes a long time, you can still get through.

Source: Community Money Advice